New Rootkit/Adware Virus Hits the Web

A new rootkit has hit the internet in mass form.

Spread directly through false installers and other ad-click-script-exploits, once it takes over your system it’s quite a pain to remove(even by specialists). Not only does it add it’s self as extensions on all known browsers it also plugs it’s self in as a backdoor to give remote access of your computer to hackers worldwide.

The extension that it adds to your browsers automatically adds its own advertisements to any website you browse thus generating money for the attackers every time an infected user clicks the links by mistake. If you’re experiencing lots of ads on websites lately you might be a victim of this new virus. Contact someone immediately for removal, as it’s full destructive potential is unknown.

Stay safe people, browse secure and make sure you know what you’re downloading before you get it. Read the installers properly and don’t accidentally install unwanted programs. Only download from trusted sources!

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